Saturday Snapshot: Snow Scenes

It snowed here most of yesterday and today it’s snowing again with  more to come for the rest of the day and the next few days.

This is the scene in the front garden:

and in the back garden;

Close-ups of the empty bird boxes:

and the wonky one:

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Snow Scenes”

  1. Lovely photos, Margaret. We had several inches down here, another lot yesterday evening after the first lot was melting nicely, so it’s still around down here. But conditions not too treacherous.


  2. Love the pic of the bare tree trunks. The wonky bird feeder made me smile too 🙂
    A lovely breath of cool air for me after our record breaking 45C degree on Friday in Sydney!


  3. Margaret – Those are just gorgeous! I have to say I miss snow an awful lot. Where I live I never get to see it so it was a treat to see your ‘photos.


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