This Isn't Fiction Reading Challenge

Last year I read just 12 non fiction books, a very small percentage of all the books I read. So, this year I’m aiming to read more widely, perhaps cutting back on reading crime fiction, which made up more than half my reading last year. When I saw that Birgit is hosting a non fiction challenge I thought that it would give me a push in that direction.

All non fiction genres are allowed!

Books must be at least 100 pages long (excluding appendix and annotations)!

Books must be read in their entirety and not just in part (which consequently excludes encyclopedias, then again who in their right mind would want to read one of those from beginning to end)!

No picture heavy books – you’re supposed to read not just look at pretty photos (that said, books should have a 75:25 text/picture ratio – if it’s a big tome with 300 or more pages, then it may be a 50:50 ratio)!

ARCs and re-reads are allowed!

So, what’s it going to be for you?
  • 5 Books – Kindergarden
  • 10 Books – Elementary School
  • 15 Books – High School
  • 20 or more Books – College

After looking at my list of unread non fiction on my LibraryThing catalogue I found that I have 30+ books, so I should find plenty of choice to go for the High School  level and maybe even for the College level. Most of them are autobiographies/biographies, with some history and a touch of philosophy and travel.

4 thoughts on “This Isn't Fiction Reading Challenge

  1. In my hearts mind I know I should do this, I have so many non-fiction but, I’m one of those encyclopedia people. I shall have to think on this one. I’d probably be kindergarten level. I’m very bad. Good luck on your challenge.


  2. Good luck with this. I’m sorely tempted as read about the same number of non-fiction books as you last year and was disappointed as I thought I’d read much more than the year before. In fact I think I’d improved by *2*. LOL. But I did promise myself to restrict the challenges this year so I’ll be policing myself on this promise. I’m doing ok… on my 3rd. non-fiction of the year so far. Just need to keep it up!


    1. Cath, snap! I read 2 more non fiction books than the year before too! I’ve given up restricting the challenges I join but I am trying to be realistic about them and choosing ones that will encourage me to read from my many shelves of unread books as opposed to buying/borrowing more books.


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