My Life According to Books, 2012 Edition

I saw this meme on Cath’s blog, Read Warbler. Like Cath I’m behind with writing book reviews but instead of doing that today I decided to do Pop Culture Nerd’s new version of the My Life as a Book meme. Every year she gives us fill-in-the-blank sentences to complete by using the titles of books we’ve read that year.

Here’s my contribution for the 2012 edition:

1. Every Monday I look like: The Help (Kathryn Stockett)

2. Last time I went to a doctor was because: (of) The Parasites (Daphne du Maurier)

3. Last Meal I ate was: Red Bones (by Ann Cleeves)

4. My savings account is: The Safe House (Nicci French)

5. When a creepy guy asks for my number I: Bring Up the Bodies (Hilary Mantel)

6. Ignorant politicians make me: (think of) The War of the Worlds (H G Wells)

7. Some people need to spend more time: (in) A Room Full of Bones (Elly Griffiths)

8. My memoir could be titled: A Quiet Life (Beryl Bainbridge)

9. If I could have, I would’ve told my teenage self: (to beware of the) Dark Matter (Michelle Paver)

10. In five years I hope I am: (in) A Place of Greater Safety (Hilary Mantel)

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