Saturday Snapshots

Today’s Saturday Snapshots were taken on a local walk near home over two years ago. It was a few days after Christmas and the ground was still covered in snow, when we walked down to the River Tweed:

View of River Tweed from the public footpath

We walked through the woodland above the Tweed back home climbing over the ladder style from the woodland into the adjoining field. The photo below shows our  grandson climbing the style:

Climbing the ladder style

And this one is on the footpath in the field :

Walking back home

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15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots

  1. How beautiful, Margaret. Must have been a lovely walk with the crisp weather. Just the thing after too much Christmas eating (or maybe that’s just me!). LOL


  2. Walking through the fields when we were on the canals of Wales and England last summer we encountered these ladder styles, something we’d never seen before. So cool, and now I know what they’re called too.
    Great pictures.


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