Saturday Snapshot

There is a field at the back of our garden which is on a steep slope (it is much steeper than it looks in my photos). A couple of weeks ago I spotted three roe deer at the top of the field, grazing, and quickly took a few photos using the zoom lens.

They soon were aware I was around and began to move away.

They jumped over the fence and were soon out of sight. You can just see their white rumps – one getting ready to jump and two on the other side.

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. I love catching deer unaware … they are such graceful creatures! We get them once in a while passing through our back lot. They come to forage on what’s left of the vegetable garden late in the season, but are always so skittish because of the scent of our dogs … you’ve caught some beautiful shots!


  2. They’re so pretty. I love seeing them in the woods. Not so much my yard, though. When they get all the way to my house they are hungry and looking to eat the trees!


  3. This looks like our fields where we see deer quite often, but usually at twilight when I can’t get a good picture or I just don’t have the camera handy. One evening I felt someone watching me while I was sitting in the family room by the picture window. Looking up, I found a deer standing right outside the window staring at me. Now that was cool!


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