U is for Umbrellas

‘The Umbrellas’, a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir c. 1881 – 85 an oil painting on canvas, held in the  National Gallery in London, shows an urban landscape – a crowd of fashionable Parisians in the rain under their umbrellas with a little girl in the foreground carrying a hoop. I like the contrast between the feathery brushwork of the people in the background and the harder outlines of the umbrellas and the precise drawing of the woman and little girl in the foreground. I also like the composition with the figures at the sides cut off as in a photograph and the way the painting conveys such a sense of the movement  of the bustling crowd.

An ABC Wednesday post illustrating the letter U.

4 thoughts on “U is for Umbrellas”

  1. Margaret – This really is a lovely painting. There is so much life and so much detail in it , such as the woman who’s just opening up her umbrella. A nice added touch.


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