Saturday Snapshot – Stepping Back in Time

Whilst looking through old photos last week (when I posted one of my husband rock climbing) we came across photos of our holiday in Budva in what was then Yugoslavia. We had a wonderful holiday even if I was feeling sick every evening, which I thought was ‘holiday tummy’ until we returned home and realised I was pregnant.

In this photo I have long, dark curly hair (a very curly perm which fortunately was nearly grown out)  – sadly it’s now grey! It was the era of the mini-skirt and hot pants, but here I’m covered head to foot in a delightful yellow creation, borrowed from one of the other holiday makers to cover up when changing out of my bikini.
Me in Yugoslavia poolside (2018_05_20 14_13_57 UTC)

And here we are in Dubrovnik with the owner of the ‘cover-up’ on the left of the photo. I’m the one second from the right next to my husband.

Dubrovnik 01 (2018_05_20 15_18_26 UTC)

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17 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – Stepping Back in Time

  1. Margaret – What a delightful look back :-). I love that outfit of yours, too. And that mini-dress you have in the second ‘photo is just great! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Margaret, love the mini-dress! And the setting. You guys look very happy. Perms – can’t believe we ever did them. I, too, had perms for a while and it was definitley not a good look for me!! LOL


  3. The yellow coverup reminds me of two elderly ladies we saw in Hawaii years ago who could have used a coverup. They just nonchalantly changed clothes on the beach in full view of everyone! Since they were old enough that gravity had taken over, if you know what I mean, everyone quickly looked away again. 😀

    I love your old pictures. Such a beauty you were (and are), and I’m sure glad the upset tummy was morning sickness. At least it was for a good cause.


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