ABC Wednesday: V is for Vincent

Vincent Van Gogh

I’ve already posted one of Van Gogh’s paintings in the ABC Wednesday series – I for Irises.  Another painting of his that appeals to me is Church at Auvers-sur-Oise.

What I like about it are the colours and the contrast between the deep blue of the sky, the violet and orange roof of the church and the pastel colours of the divided path and grass in the foreground. I love the perspective, so wonky and wavy, and the details of the church.

This painting featured in the Doctor Who episode Vincent and the Doctor, in which the Doctor discovers a strange and malevolent figure in the painting peering out from one of the church window’s.  An interesting link, I thought – maybe Van Gogh’s depression had a supernatural cause!

16 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: V is for Vincent

  1. Margaret – Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me of a visit I once made to Amsterdam. I stayed right near the Van Gogh Museum – what lovely work he did…


  2. I wonder if it has something to do with the paints he used. They used to mix their own and a lot of the chemicals, like Cadmium, are very poisonous. He never strikes me as having been a tidy person., and maybe he licked his brushes, or his fingers πŸ™‚
    Just a thought.


  3. The bulging church matches the bulging lady on the V-shaped path!
    Thank you for sharing an of so vivid Vincent! Do you know the song Vincent by Don McLean? There are several versions of it on YouTube with Van Gogh paintings as the visuals.
    ABC Wednesday Team


  4. Lovely picture. Thank you for sharing. The colour of that sky is very Irish….just before it spills rain. The perspective also appeals to me. I love things and buildings that are quirky. Helen Mac beat me to asking you did you know the song Vincent, it is one of my favourites


  5. This is unlike the van Goghs I have ever seen – for one thing, the wavy, almost Dali-like perspective, plus this thinner outlines. The part that I could identify most easily was the mottled foreground. This is truly unusual.

    As for “Vincent,” it’s also worth a download on YouTube, Don MacLean of “American Pie” fame. Touching. Starry, starry nights…

    Thank you so much, Amy


  6. He, I immediately thought of the Doctor Who episode. I love the scene when they bring Vincent to the gallery, with people admiring his works and the art historian saying that for him, van Gogh is the greatest artist ever.


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