Saturday Snapshot – Update on our Collared Doves

Last Saturday I posted photos of the nest the Collared Doves had built at the back of our satellite dish.

Earlier this week we had a sight of the two eggs in the collared doves’ nest –

Here is one of the parents sitting on the eggs –

and here is a short video we made of one of the doves settling down on the eggs –


We hoping to video the chicks as they hatch – it’s just like Springwatch here at the moment!

To participate in Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot meme post a photo (new or old) that you (or a friend or family member) have taken, but make sure it’s not one that you found online.

13 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – Update on our Collared Doves

  1. Margaret – Thanks for sharing those lovely ‘photos and the video. I love the background sounds of other birds in the video – so “spring” and so peaceful!


  2. Doves are so gorgeous! I loved that video too. It was fun to see the mama dove in action (although I guess it could be the papa and I’d never know the difference).


  3. How nice to be able to watch them up close… I can spend hours doing that. Love the video of the dove settling down on the eggs. Can’t wait to see the hatchlings.

    I had young doves at my feeder this week, an adult and two children. Don’t know where their nest was though.


  4. Hi!
    You’ll have babies soon. The video is awesome. Love all the bird sounds. They sound happy. Have a great day!

    Just Books


  5. The nest almost doesn’t look substantial enough for the mother bird. So interesting that you could video her.


  6. The mama dove is beautiful, such a pretty collar. How wonderful that you can watch the progress of the eggs and will see the babies when they are born.

    Thank you for sharing these photos.


  7. What a fantastic experience. I love how adaptable the doves are chosing their nesting site there, and how lucky they are to have picked your house where you let them be to raise their young.


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