ABC Wednesday U is for …

… Unripe …


Unripe Cherries

Not ‘Cherry Ripe’ just yet!

Unripe Plums

I just love the greenness and the promise of fruit to come.

An ABC Wednesday post for the letter U.

8 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday U is for …

  1. Great for our U week! I love both cherries and plums, so if these are yours I know you’re looking forward to the reds and purples arriving on those trees! 😀 Hope you’re having a great week,

    abcw team


    1. Leslie, these trees are both in our garden. Last year we were away just as the cherries were ripening and when we came back the birds had eaten nearly all of them. The few that were left were delicious, so this year we’re hoping to get to the cherries first.

      There were so many lovely golden plums last year I was giving them away and freezing them as well as eating loads. I hope this year’s crop will be as good.


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