Crime Fiction Alphabet: S is for …

… The Stabbing in the Stables by Simon Brett, the seventh book in the Fethering Mysteries series.

Description from Fantastic Fiction:

Fethering’s favorite sleuths are at it again as Jude and Carole Seddon find themselves in the midst of some horseplay, after stumbling upon the body of ex-equestrian Walter Fleet at Long Bamber Stables.

The police attribute the stabbing death to the mysterious “Horse Ripper,” who’s been mutilating mares across West Sussex-and who Walter obviously caught in the act. But considering Walter’s track record out of the saddle, Jude and Carole find that there are plenty of suspects- including Walter’s put-upon wife and more than a few jealous husbands who wanted Walter put out to pasture.

Jude and Carole are amateur detectives, who live next door to each other in the village of Fethering. Jude (who won’t give her last name) is a healer and takes on a new patient a horse and his owner Sonia Dalrymple, kept in stable owned by Lucinda and Walter Fleet. Carole,  retired from the Home Office, divorced and shy, is very different from Jude, but they work well together.

They make enquiries and discover that Walter was not a popular man, not even his wife mourns his death. The Stables, however, is a source of rivalry and secrets, and suspicion lands on Donal, a drunken ex-jockey and horse healer. Jude and Carole don’t believe he is the murderer even when the police arrest him. Sonia, tense and  verging on hysteria is obviously hiding something and Imogen, a teenager helping out at the Stables, behaves very oddly.

It’s an easy read, a ‘cozy mystery’, enjoyable and not too taxing on the brain, as I did work it out before the denouement.

A Crime Fiction Alphabet post for the letter S.

8 thoughts on “Crime Fiction Alphabet: S is for …

  1. Margaret – I’m glad you picked a Simon Brett mystery; it works for “S” on two levels, actually :-), and you’ve done a fine review here. And I like Brett’s work, both this series and the Charles Paris series. Thanks for the reminder of Brett’s work.


  2. I like Simon Brett but haven’t read this book. Will look for it. He’s witty and clever so his books are just the thing for a light cozy read.


  3. I have this one on my shelf, and it sounds like the perfect book for one of those days when I am too exhausted to even think 🙂


  4. Not a good one if you sstammer. The StStabbing in the StStables. There are stables we can see from the window of our room. ScScary.


  5. I haven’t even heard of Simon Brett, or any of his mysteries. I keep finding too many books to read! thanks for the review
    Did you have this book saved for S week? Holy alliteration batman!


  6. i can’t get enough of Brett. if I’m ever at a loss for a good read, it’s a safe bet that the latest Brett will be a good choice. they’re like a warm blanket, and surprisingly addictive…


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