Can You Identify This Bird?

The snow is still here, we’re getting a bit fed up with it, but it does make a pretty picture. Everything looks as though it’s covered in royal icing.

The field across the road is sparkling in the sun this morning – click on photo to see the sparkles:

D has been feeding the birds every day, topping up the feeders. We had lots of visitors, including robins, bluetits, great tits, greenfinches, goldfinches chaffinches, sparrows, wood pigeons and a woodpecker too.

We can identify most of the birds but this one has us puzzled. What is it?

It appeared on the decking where D had put a tray of birdseed and ventured very close to the patio doors. I tried several times to get a good photo and this is the best I could do.

Here it is enlarged:

We’ve checked in the RSPB Charts and our bird books – A Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe, the Reader’s Digest Field Guide to the Birds of Britain, and Collins Bird Guide, but I’m not sure if I can identify it. Is it a meadow pipit?

Just look at that stare?

20 thoughts on “Can You Identify This Bird?

    1. Thanks, GC – only just read your reply because for some unknown reason it had gone in the spam! And I got it three times!!! That’s a very interesting and helpful website. The habitat describes our garden very well – wet vegetation! It’s been wet all year!


  1. Please, what size is he–like a junco or a robin or warbler or raven size and what does that beak look like–pointed, finch like? I love a challenge. He looks like a sparrow to me.


  2. Sorry can’t help with the bird i.d. but the images are beautiful. We just have heavy frost and fog here, and we’re due rain tomorrow, not good for photography! By the way just found out Patrick Stewart’s Macbeth is on BBC4 this Sunday…


    1. Thanks, Des. We have a little stream running through the garden and there is an overgrown area next to the stream where reeds grow. We’ve never seen this bird before – it’s quite striking.


  3. I first thought it was a very angry sparrow with a huge white mustache! I’m not familiar with birds of England so this has been educational to this birdwatcher. The snow here was light and fluffy so it has blown off the trees, but we’re supposed to have a storm Sunday.


  4. S/he does look annoyed, doesn’t s/he? That’s such a grumpy face! 🙂 We have a great book for bird identification which leads you through like a flow chart and I’d tell you what it’s called like a shot, if I could find the blooming thing! It’s on a bookcase somewhere…
    Lovely photos, anyway! 🙂 But I’ve gone off the actual experience of snow…


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