U is for …

… Unfinished …

My first entry for ABC Wednesday was J and I chose Jigsaw. I’d just got the pieces out ready to do it:

It’s a beautiful picture of Little Langdale in the Lake District. It’s also a very difficult puzzle partly because so many of the pieces are so similar in colour. Often a puzzle like this has to be done by matching the shapes of the pieces but what is so frustrating in this puzzle is that so many of them will fit together but they aren’t quite right and I end up with pieces that just won’t fit anywhere. The grass was bad enough and I know I’ve not got the pieces all in the right places because I have one green piece left and it won’t fit into the one remaining space. The sky is even worse.


Also UNFINISHED is another U – namely Ulysses by James Joyce. Back in January I was full of determination to read this book, but so far I’ve only managed a few pages. It will certainly remain unfinished this year – maybe next year will be my Ulysses year, maybe not. It’s a daunting book because of its sheer length and reputation as a difficult book. It would probably help if I read it alongside Declan Kiberd’s book Ulysses and Us. I love the cover of this book, showing Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses.

More variations on the letter U can be found on the ABC Wednesday site

8 thoughts on “U is for …

  1. Oh no! How annoying about the jigsaw – I just haven’t the patience to do them. I gave up on Ulysses too, I have two degrees in literature but it defeated me! :O)


  2. Hi Margaret,

    I hate leaving projects or tasks unfinished. Even if I have given myself a break point of a few days hence, I always want to get finished early. The trouble is that I then find a new project that I want to start and finish, so the whole cycle is one of continuous work or stress.

    I love jigsaw puzzles, but again, instaed of leaving it set up and just completing a little here and there, I can’t stop until the picture is complete.

    I have moved away from the traditional jigsaw subjects, such as the lovely one you are working on and prefer a range of puzzles generally produced by Gibsons, which depict old advertising or packaging scenes. The one type of jigsaw I just cannot get on with, are wasgij. They don’t interest me in the slightest, but you wouldn’t believe how popular they are.

    I hope that you managed to sort out your mixed up bits and pieces!!


  3. I hear you about both things. I just bought myself a puzzle mat to store unfinished puzzles and two new puzzles one of which drives me crazy because all the pieces look so much alike unless I have very bright light. And Ulysses – I’ve started it a few times and never could finish it. Give me Virginia Woolf any day, but it seems I can’t handle James Joyce.


  4. Do you suppose Marilyn really did read Ulysses? I can’t imagine that but what do we really know about the real Marilyn? I’m a jigsaw puzzle addict. I’ve put together the ones I own so many times they aren’t a challenge anymore. Need some new challenging puzzles soon.


  5. When the Xmas tree goes up, a card table also goes up beside it so that I can do 1-2 crossword puzzles over the Xmas season. I usually do the same winter scene, which I love, and can put it together fairly quickly. Last year I got a Shakespeare characters puzzle which was so much fun that I’ll do it again this year. Good luck finishing yours…you will finish it, right???!!!

    If Marilyn can get that far in Ulysses I can too! Isn’t that what the cover is really saying? I tried a year or so ago, online, and got a few chapters under my belt, but it remains a life goal to read this book.


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