Library Loot

It’s been a while since I did a Library Loot post. This is my latest haul from the Mobile Library that called round this morning (as usual click on the photo to enlarge):

I really appreciate the mobile library service, the van stops just along the road from our house and has a varied, if small selection of books. I chose:

  • The Lighthouse by P D James, an Adam Dalgleish mystery, set in an imaginary, remote island off the Cornish coast.  It’s been a few years since I read one of P D James’s books – I hope it won’t disappoint.
  • Have Mercy On Us All by Fred Vargas. I haven’t read any of his books before. According to the blurb on the back cover this is ‘an unusual and eccentric thriller’  and Adamsberg is ‘one of the most fetchingly weird detectives … a bit like Morse, but much more French.’ That’s odd as Morse isn’t a bit French!  I’m not sure I’ll like it, but that’s the beauty of library books – I don’t mind giving up on them. On the other hand, if I buy a book that’s very disappointing.
  • The Scent of the Night by Andrea Camilleri, an Inspector Montalbano Mystery. I’ve read one of his before which I enjoyed, so I have high hopes for this one.

9 thoughts on “Library Loot

  1. Margaret – It looks as though you’ve got some good books there! I completely agree with you, too, about library books. If they do disappoint, not much is lost. If they are “winners,” one feels especially lucky. I hope these live up to your hopes.


  2. I have one of Vargas’s books in my summer pile, too, ‘The Three Evangelists’. Friends who’ve read her give very mixed reports so I shall be interested to see what you think.
    I’ve tried again and again with Camilleri, but I can’r handle the amount of ‘bad’ language, so I’ve put him to one side for the moment.


  3. Oh cool, a crime loot 🙂 I just finished P.D. James´ Talking about Detective Fiction, which is so good. I haven´t read her other works though, but I´m curious about her Adam Dalgleish series. Happy reading!


  4. I hope that you do enjoy Fred Vargas who is actually female and an archaeologist!
    Yes her books are quirky but I think that they are well translated so they don’t have that clunky feel that some translated works have that somehow lose their identity and nationality.


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