The Sunday Salon – My Desk

Not much reading being done today – it’s our wedding anniversary!

Here’s a little look at my desk. Actually I share this desk with my husband. It’s an incredibly messy desk so I can only show part of it. It’s in the smallest bedroom surrounded by books and piles of paper. Above the desk there are shelves going up to the ceiling full of books, magazines, CDs, files and lots and lots of paperwork.

 At the moment it’s even worse than usual as behind me the bunk beds have been dismantled and laid flat on the floor with towers of boxes stacked up on top of them. We’ve emptied the loft in readiness for our move and there’s nowhere else for the boxes to go. tssbadge1

When we have moved and got sorted I hope to post a photo of the new and tidy (some hopes!) new office/library.

9 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – My Desk”

  1. Happy anniversary…this is all the more heartfelt with the information that you and your husband share a desk. I can’t imagine what that must be like. I can share a house, car, life, dreams, sorrows, pets, children, etc., but my desk?

    Kudos to you two! 🙂


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