Teaser Tuesday – City of the Mind by Penelope Lively

I’ve been away for the weekend celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We took the family to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest. It was a wonderful weekend, if rather exhausting too. I’ll be writing about it and posting some photos later. In the meantime this is just a short post to get back me into the swing of blog writing.


My teaser today is from City of the Mind by Penelope Lively. I’m about to start reading this book and this quote is from page 2. I think it captures my amazement at the nature of time, and of the power of thought to transport me to different places and different times. It’s also significant now thinking back over the last 40 years, so many people, so many places, so many happy and sad events, so much to celebrate.

And thus, driving through the city, he is both here and now, there and then. He carries yesterday with him, but pushes forward into today and tomorrow, skipping as he will from one to the other. He is in London, on a May morning of the late twentieth century, but is also in many other places, and at other times.

City of the Mind

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