The Angel of the North

Angel of the North 2

Angel of the North 1

On our way north we drove past the Angel of the North at Gateshead – not too impressive seen from the A1, I thought. It’s 20 metres high with a wingspan of 54 metres!

If you want to make your own Angel here’s a knitting pattern – click on the picture to go to  Gateshead Council (where I found this pattern) for more information on the Angel (and a pattern to make an Origamo Angel as well).

Angel pattern

6 thoughts on “The Angel of the North

  1. Thank you Margaret for the angel pattern. I just downloaded it. I’m forwarding your post to my daughter and granddaugter (the one who made the sock monkey). The pictures turned out good for being taken from a moving vehicle.


  2. Being a geordie myself I suppose I should extol it’s virtues, but I think it is awful, when you drive off the AI and pass it close up it looks exactly what it is, a piece of rusty metal. Now I’d better stop before all those geordies come an beat me up!!!!!


  3. I can’t say I fancy a knitted version, but I rather liked the original. This is possibly because I was comparing it with Birmingham’s own Gormley, which is nondescript to say the very least!


  4. Table Talk – I had to look up Birmingham’s Gormley as I didn’t know what it was. I see it looks rather like a strange Egyptian mummy, or an Iron Maiden, certainly a captive with its feet firmly encased in the ground! Very odd!


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