The Angel of the North

Angel of the North 2

Angel of the North 1

On our way north we drove past the Angel of the North at Gateshead – not too impressive seen from the A1, I thought. It’s 20 metres high with a wingspan of 54 metres!

If you want to make your own Angel here’s a knitting pattern – click on the picture to go to  Gateshead Council (where I found this pattern) for more information on the Angel (and a pattern to make an Origamo Angel as well).

Angel pattern

Back to Knitting

I’ve been a bit too busy to write much here these last few days. We had a family get-together yesterday and celebrated our granddaughter’s third birthday and tomorrow there is yet another gathering and we’ll be meeting the newest addition to the family – Darcy, our great niece!

I got my knitting needles out after a gap of many years and have made her this pink bolero. My knitting is a bit rusty now, but this has inspired me to search out some new patterns and do more knitting.  Things have changed since I used to knit and I had great difficulty finding a woolshop – around here I could only find one stall at our local underground market and that only has a limited stock. Online suppliers weren’t much use as I only had a few days to knit something before tomorrow, so it had to be local. I found another source – at the back of an arts and crafts shop. Years ago every town and village had its own woolshop – a sign of the changing times I suppose.