Strange Affair by Peter Robinson: a Book Review

Peter Robinson has written a series of Inspector Banks books. Strange Affair is the first one I’ve read but not the first in the series. I borrowed this one from the library as it was the earliest in the series available on the shelves. Although it’s one of the later ones in the series it does work on its own, as enough information is given about earlier events for me to get the gist of Banks’s history, but I would like to read the novels in the order they were written.

As soon as I started reading it I was hooked. It’s a great read – I didn’t want to stop reading. Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks receives an urgent phone call from his brother asking for his help. He has never been close to his brother Roy, but alarmed by the message on his answerphone he sets off from the Yorkshire Dales for London to see exactly what the problem is. But on his arrival he finds his brother’s house empty and no-one knows where he is.

Meanwhile back in Yorkshire DI Annie Cabbott is investigating the death of a young woman found in her car. She had Banks’s name and address scribbled on a piece of paper in her pocket. Unaware that Banks has gone to London, Annie tries to find him to discover the link between them. Although officially on leave from work Banks, who is still recovering from his depression after the fire that destroyed his house and possessions, immediately gets involved in delving into Roy’s life whilst trying to find out what has happened to him. Just how has Roy made his money, what shady deals has he done, who are his connections? The more Banks discovers the worse it gets, until he fears for his parents’ safety, not just his brother’s.

A tense and gripping novel – I loved it and can’t wait to read more by Peter Robinson.

7 thoughts on “Strange Affair by Peter Robinson: a Book Review

  1. I jumped into the middle of this series as well and like you immediately wanted to go back and read them all. I started doing this, but the early ones didn’t grip me as much and I drifted away. However, a friend who has read them all and buys his new ones as soon as they come out, says that he gets better with each successive book. So I may well go back and try again knowing that there will always be better to come.


  2. I’ve read one of his books and I have at least one other on my shelf. This one does sound appealing. Like so many authors–I’d like to read more of his work–it’s just a matter of fitting it in!


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