Flowers on Friday

I may not be very good at gardening, but I love sitting and admiring the flowers. Today it’s raining so I can’t get out there so here are some photos I took on better days.

This is the Star of Bethlehem, a bulb. Where has it come from? We’ve lived here for some years now and I’ve never seen it in the garden before. Could it have grown from seed? According to The National Trust Book of Wild Flower Gardening it can be grown from seed and it would take several years to flower. It’s called the Star of Bethlehem because of its star-shaped flowers, which are sensitive to light. They’re closed up today and you can see the green stripe on the back of each petal. They’re lovely.

There are lots of these alliums in flower just now in our garden. This is Allium Gladiator, an ornamental onion bulb. They grow to about four feet high and over the years have spread themselves around the borders. I particularly like them as they don’t seem to need any attention from me and their large purple heads are made up of little star-like flowers.

I’m really pleased that this camellia is growing in the garden. I bought it as a small plant and was told it’s difficult to grow and knowing my record with plants I am amazed that it has not only survived but is flourishing. Last year it was covered in flowers, but this year there are only a few. I don’t know what type of camellia it is, but I think its deep rose pink anemone like flowers are so beautiful. This grows in our back garden, near to the house.

These tulips have shed their petals now. There are only a few of these growing in the back garden and I just leave them to grow back each year. Maybe I should dig up the bulbs after they have flowered and store them to re-plant the following year?

These are dwarf tulips which flower a bit later. I love their bright red petals.

Another plant that does well in the garden without any assistance from me is this aquilegia. Again this grows all over the garden, the seeds are spread by the wind and there are varying shades of pink and purple in both the back and the front gardens. These are growing at the front of the house.

Whilst in the back garden there is a wild patch where yellow poppies have self-seeded.

9 thoughts on “Flowers on Friday

  1. How funny, we had a star of Bethlehem turn up this year too, though we haven’t had them in this garden before. I like it, so am hoping it will spread.

    The new blog is very elegant!


  2. Thanks, GeraniumCat. The Star of Bethlehem is so delicate and pretty I’m hoping it will spread too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it anywhere before.


  3. Lovely photos! I have had luck with camellias, too. I’d love to grow the Star of Bethlehem, it’s very pretty. I like the look of the acquilegia, as well…lots of things to look up in my trusty gardening book…thanks!


  4. Such beautiful colours. I’m not very good at gardening either but I do wish we had a little one so I could have some flowers.


  5. Those are really beautiful. I love the Star of Bethlehem in particular. I’m planning a trip to the Botanical Garden tomorrow, so may have some of my own to share with you!


  6. Alliums are so statuesque and beautiful, we have three in flower in the garden at the moment but they’re pinker than yours. A different variety obviously. Lovely photos. I also love the photo in your header.


  7. I love alliums, but don’t have any in my garden. One of my neighbors does, though, so I may have to add it to my “To Be Planted” list, especially if they’re maintenance-free.

    My mom used to grow the most gorgeous camelias when we lived in San Diego. They wouldn’t survive our bitterly cold winters here in Nebraska, so I’ll have to vicariously enjoy yours.


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