First Sentences

Kate posted this meme, which she borrowed from Danielle, who in turn borrowed it from Sylvia. The idea is that you post the first sentence from each month in the year from your blog. Like Kate I’ve changed it a bit, skipping to the second post of the month if the first began with a quotation rather than a sentence I’d written myself, or if it was just something like “a good month for reading” as I usually start the month summarising what I’d read the previous month – and that’s just too boring. Not that the following sentences are brilliant at grabbing attention or exciting (note to self – I must try harder!)

I actually started my blog in July 2006 but only wrote one post, so I’m starting this list in April this year.

I’ve been meaning to write more, both in this blog and in other writing, but somehow there’s always something else to do.

Sunday was sunny, just perfect for a Bluebell Walk at Rushall Farm.

Daisy Lupin has started a new blog devoted to poetry and the theme for June is Poetry we loved as Children. (Sadly Daisy died in June, I did so enjoy reading her blog.)

It was D’™s birthday last Saturday and the grandchildren painted some beautiful pictures to give him.

Can anyone identify this please? (It was a Cinnabar Moth).

The year is on the turn and autumn is on its way.

Whilst in Stratford last week I browsed the bookshops, one of my favourite pastimes, and couldn’t resist buying The Complete Stories and Poems of Lewis Carroll.

Crossing to Safety was Wallace Stegner’™s last novel published when he was 78 years old.

The third episode of ‘œCranford’ is being shown on BBC1 this evening. (The last episode is on tonight.)

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