Any One for Brussel Sprouts?

We had to stay at home today, waiting for deliveries, so we had our shopping delivered as well. All well and good. We opted not to have our shopping put in carrier bags (thinking of the environment), so most things were loose, with just a few items wrapped. Everything on the order was there.

Imagine my surprise to find a little bag containing one tiny brussel sprout. When my husband had done the on-line ordering he hadn’t noticed that he needed to enter the weight required and had just put “1”, so that’s what we got – one sprout costing one penny! Fortunately he says he’s happy to share it with me.

10 thoughts on “Any One for Brussel Sprouts?

  1. I am cracking up here!!! That is just so funny!! It makes you wonder what the ‘shopper’ was thinking and why didn’t s/he use a bit of common sense!!


  2. We laughed and laughed – the delivery man thought it was funny too! Can’t imagine what the ‘shopper’ was thinking.


  3. How funny, that would have gone down really well in our house,the children hate sprouts. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without them!!!! LOL


  4. I’m loving the fact that you can get delivery. Wish we could. My husband would be horrified if I ordered any kind of brussel sprout. They are not as popular here but I do love them.


  5. My husband loves brussel sprouts (I like them, too), but one lonely sprout is a meal only for the little folk. 🙂 This is a classic. Thanks for sharing the laugh!


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