Goodbye Cranford – Hello Oliver

Sunday saw the last episode of ‘Cranford’. The final episode was very dramatic and there was a happy ending but overall I still felt disgruntled by the combination of three of Elizabeth Gaskell’s books. I suppose that if I hadn’t read ‘Cranford‘ I’d never have known that the difference. I wouldn’t have missed the parts that had been left out and I wouldn’t have known that the order of events had been changed. I enjoyed the non-Cranford scenes much more – the railway explosion and injuries, the Sophie/Dr Harrison love story and above all the Lady Ludlow scenes and the interaction between Lady Ludlow, Mr Carter and Harry. I thought that Alex Etel who played Harry Gregson was excellent.

Tonight the first part of ‘Oliver Twist’ is being broadcast at 8pm (not 9pm as I thought) on BBC1. I don’t have enough time to read the book before 9pm, so I shan’t be disappointed if the 5 part series (being shown in four nightly episodes this week and the fifth and final episode next weekend) is not faithful to the book. I haven’t read it before, but of course the story is so familiar from other films, musicals and TV productions. I don’t expect it to disappoint as ‘Cranford’ did, as I don’t suppose it will be a combination of three of Dickens’ books! Can you imagine combining ‘Oliver Twist’‘David Copperfield‘ and ‘Nicholas Nickleby’?

I’m also looking forward to watching The Old Curiosity Shop on ITV1 on Boxing Day. I haven’t read that either so I can watch it without any pre-conceived ideas.

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  1. Have you been watching the RSC version of ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ on BBC4? I saw it when it was on stage, but it translates quite well to TV. It’s a very different way of handling Dickens, but I think it works excellently. Also, somewhere over Christmas, they are showing the most recent BBC ‘David Copperfield’. That was also superb and interesting for the opportunity to see Daniel Radcliffe pre-HP. You could see even then he was going to be around a lot more.


  2. Oh no, I’ve missed “Nicholas Nickleby”!!I’ll check when “David Copperfield” is on. Thanks for mentioning it.I think I’ll be reading Dickens next year!


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