Victorian Bingo Challenge -Completed

The Victorian Bingo Challenge is hosted by Becky at Becky€™s Book Reviews.Victorian Bingo

The goal is to get a Bingo (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, four corners and centre square). This will require a minimum of five books.

One book per square. For example: Oliver Twist can count for €œBook with a name as the title€ or €œCharles Dickens€ or €œBook published 1837-1940€³ or €œBook published in serial format€ or €œBook over 400 pages€ or €œBook that has been adapted into a movie€ or €œBook set in England.€ But obviously, it can only count once.

This is the bingo card:

Completed, by reading five books in the following categories:

  1. Book published in the 1840s, €“ The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
  2. Male author – Anthony Trollope: An Autobiography
  3. Female author  €“ Adam Bede by George Eliot
  4. Book with a name as the title – Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope
  5. Book published in serial (monthly) format – The Dead Secret by Wilkie Collins

Victorian Bingo card

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