TBR Pile Challenge 2015 – Progress Page

official tbr challengeAdam from Roof Beam Reader is running his TBR Pile Challenge for the SIXTH YEAR!

The books you read must have been on your bookshelf or €œTo Be Read€ list for AT LEAST one full year and you have to list them in advance. This means the books cannot have a publication date of 1/1/2014 or later (ie any book published in the year 2013 or earlier qualifies, as long as it has been on your TBR pile €“ Adam will be checking publication dates!)

The Goal: To finally read 12 books from your €œto be read€ pile (within 12 months). Books have to be listed and reviewed so that you can link back to Adam€™s challenge. You are allowed two alternates just in case you just can€™t finish a book for whatever reason.

For the full run-down of challenge details, see Adam€™s blog (click on link above).

I€™m a bit doubtful that I€™ll complete this challenge because I often find that planning in advance what I€™m going to read doesn€™t work for me €“ I seem to find reasons for reading other books instead of the ones on my list! But I€™m going to give it a go anyway €“ here€™s my list (with links to my review posts):

  1. The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende (pub 1994 €“ on my TBR since 2008)
  2. The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood (pub 1994 €“ on my TBR since 2009) Finished 2 September 2015
  3. The Needle in the Blood by Sarah Bower (pub 2007 €“ on my TBR since 2007)
  4. The Burning by Jane Casey (pub 2010 €“ on my TBR since 2013) Finished 9 February 2015
  5. Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens (pub 1844 €“ on my TBR since 2007)
  6. Zen there was Murder by H R F Keating (pub 1960 €“ on my TBR since 2012) Finished 22 July 2015
  7. Mrs Jordan€™s Profession by Claire Tomalin (pub 1995 €“ on my TBR since 2011) Finished 12 November 2015
  8. Fresh from the Country by Miss Read (pub 1960 €“ on my TBR since 2012) Finished 21 August 2015
  9. The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld (pub 2006 €“ on my TBR since 2007) Finished 9 April 2015
  10. Bad Land by Jonathan Raban (pub 1985 €“ on my TBR since 2011)
  11. We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates (pub 1997 €“ on my TBR since 2011)
  12. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton (pub 2010 €“ on my TBR since 2013) Finished 21 June 2015


  1. Diamonds are Forever by Ian Fleming (pub 1956 €“ on my TBR since 2011)
  2. Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell (pub 1949 €“ on my TBR since 2011)

And here are the books:

TBR pile 2015

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