My Ratings

When I began writing this blog I didn’t give star ratings for the books I read. The reviews on my blog are purely based on whether I enjoyed a book or not. I read books I think I’ll like so it’ll be rare to find a review of a book that I’m not enjoying.

I now base my ratings on the Goodreads system as follows:

  1. I didn’t like it or didn’t finish it – there won’t be many of these as I’m quite picky about what I read.
  2. It was OK – I thought it was nothing special, but not bad.
  3. I  liked it – not at all a bad rating but generally not a book that had me rushing to finish it. Still a good, enjoyable book.
  4.  It was very good – I really liked it and wanted to get back to it each time I had to stop reading.
  5. It was excellent – or as Goodreads describes it ‘it was amazing’ – often a brilliant combination of plot, characters and description with a great sense of location. I like books that make me think or introduce me to new ideas or a new way of looking at things, so these will get a 5.

And then because often books do not quite fit into one of five categories some have a .5 added to my rating.

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