Ten Books I Haven’t Reviewed

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. For the rules see her blog.

These are books I read before I started BooksPlease. They are all books I read in 2006 and although I may have mentioned them on my blog I’ve not reviewed them.

13 thoughts on “Ten Books I Haven’t Reviewed

  1. Your Top Tens are always really clever, Margaret! And I like your choices of books, too. There’s never enough time to read and review everything, is there? I have a list of books I’ve not mentioned on my blog, too…

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    1. Thanks, Margot. No, there’s never enough time to read and review everything! And sometimes I struggle writing a review, when I don’t feel strongly about a book.

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  2. Great list! I had a Jodi Picoult book on my list today and The Picture of Dorian Gray as well! I’m kinda surprised I haven’t mentioned JP more on my blog considering how much I love her books.

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  3. The Historian is a book I planned to reread last year and didn’t get to. Hopefully this year. Jodi Picoult is a bit hit and miss with me. I’ve read a couple that I liked but tried to read another one last month and gave up after 40 pages.

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  4. I’ve read a few by Jodi Picoult and that was also before I began blogging, so don’t remember much about them. One of the reasons I began blogging was to remind myself what I thought about the books I’ve read – even if it’s just a few lines.


  5. Such good titles! I’ve read The Handmaid’s Tale, Breathing Lessons, The Horse Whisperer, and Vanishing Acts and remember debating whether to read The Historian, which is a chunkster of a book. And I saw a movie on TV about Dorian Gray, if that counts

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