The Classics Club Spin Result

The spin number in The Classics Club Spin is number …

which for me is Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens. The rules of the Spin are that this is the book for me to read by 31 May, 2021.

Little Dorrit is a classic tale of imprisonment, both literal and metaphorical, while Dickens’ working title for the novel, Nobody’s Fault, highlights its concern with personal responsibility in private and public life. Dickens’ childhood experiences inform the vivid scenes in Marshalsea debtor’s prison, while his adult perceptions of governmental failures shape his satirical picture of the Circumlocution Office. The novel’s range of characters – the honest, the crooked, the selfish and the self-denying – offers a portrait of society about whose values Dickens had profound doubts.

Little Dorrit is indisputably one of Dickens’ finest works, written at the height of his powers. George Bernard Shaw called it ‘a masterpiece among masterpieces’, a verdict shared by the novel’s many admirers. (Description from Amazon)

I have started this a few times before, but found the small print in my paperback copy too off putting. I’ll be reading the e-book this time.

Did you take part in the Classics Spin? What will you be reading?

8 thoughts on “The Classics Club Spin Result

  1. Oh, that bodes well, Margaret! In my opinion, you don’t often go wrong with Dickens, so I’ll be interested in what you think of Little Dorrit.

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  2. I’ve never read this Dickens, only watched the BBC drama from a few years ago. I think it makes sense to read it as an ebook, much easier on the eyes.

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  3. I didn’t watch it, Cath, and I know very little about it. And e-books are definitely easier on the eyes and so much easier to hold that a great big thick book.

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  4. I’ve been avoiding my spin book for exactly the same reason, the small print in old editions is so off-putting nowadays.

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