The 1936 Club

I read about the 1936 Club on Karen’s blog, BookerTalk. It’s being hosted by Karen at kaggsy’sbookishramblings and Simon at stuckinabook and is scheduled for 12-18 April. It’s been a while since I joined in one of their Club Reading Weeks, but when I looked at the books I’ve read and the books that I have waiting to be read I found that quite a lot of them were first published in 1936.

There is just one of these that I haven’t read – Murder in Piccadilly by Charles Kingston. But I would like to re-read Agatha Christie’s Murder in Mesopotamia that I first read in May 2012, because I never wrote a review post about it. And there are some short stories, first published in 1936 that I haven’t read yet, such as Problem at Sea, which is included in the short story collection, Poirot’s Early Cases.

13 thoughts on “The 1936 Club

  1. That sounds like an interesting meme, Margaret. I always like learning about sometimes very different books that are all published in the same year. I’ll look forward to the entries!

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  2. Margaret, I am glad you pointed out Murder in Piccadilly. That has been on my TBR for 5 years and I need to get around to reading it. I also read Murder in Picadilly in the later part of 2020 and haven’t reviewed it. I have been reading a lot of Hercule Poirot novels lately.

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    1. I haven’t read any of Charles Kingston’s books, so I’m looking forward to it. And the Poirot books are so good, although I love the Miss Marple ones too.


  3. I’m thinking about reading Murder in Mesopotamia too as it would fit in perfectly with an Agatha Christie challenge I’m participating in. It seems that I’ve already read a lot of books that were published in 1936!

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    1. And I’m glad you decided to avoid a last minute scramble to find something to read, and trawled your books now! I’d probably have left it too late to read one in time, otherwise!

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  4. I’m glad I read Gone with the Wind – couldn’t possibly fit in reading such a long book now. I did enjoy it, well worth reading. Churchill’s Life of Marlborough is daunting – 4 immense volumes!!


  5. I’ll be joining in with this. I’ve already read a lot of books from 1936 but I have some unread books at home.


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