Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Autumn 2020 TBR

The topic this week is Books On My Autumn 2020 TBR. I’ve stopped trying to plan what I’ll read next because what usually happens is that I’ll read anything except the books I’ve planned to read. So this is a list of books that I’ll read sometime soon … maybe. It includes books I own and review books from NetGalley.

  • Child’s Play by Reginald Hill – the 9th Dalziel and Pascoe mystery.
  • The Last Bus to Woodstock by Colin Dexter – the 1st Inspector Morse book.
  • Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch – the 2nd Rivers of London novel.
  • The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel – book 3 of the Wolf Hall trilogy. I did start to read this book earlier in the year, but I’ll probably have to start it again.
  • The Haunting of H G Wells by Robert Masello – to be published 1 October 2020 – my choice from the First Reads selection this month, a novel mixing fact and fiction.
  • A Song for the Dark Times by Ian Rankin – to be published 1 October 2020, the 23rd Rebus book – a ‘must read’book for me.
  • The Survivors by Jane Harper – a standalone crime fiction novel, published today 22 September 2020. I’ve just finished read her first book, The Dry, so I’m very keen to read this one soon.
  • V2 by Robert Harris – a Second World War thriller.a blend of fact and fiction.
  • And Now for the Good News by Ruby Wax – this is the book I really must read soon – we all need some good news!
  • The Postscript Murders by Elly Griffiths – to be published 1 October 2020 – a literary murder mystery.

38 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Autumn 2020 TBR

  1. The Mirror & the Light is still sitting on my bookshelf but I didn’t have sufficient optimism that I’ll get around to reading it to add it to my list! I think it demands a whole season to itself 😁 I hope you enjoy V2. I read it recently and thought it was terrific.

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    1. I loved the first Rivers of London novel, so I’m looking forward to reading Moon Over Soho. If you like WW2 novels I think V2 would be a good start. The first one of Harris’s books I read was Pompeii which I thought was fantastic.

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  2. Oh, you have some great books here, Margaret! You can’t go far wrong with a Reginald Hill, in my opinion. And the Harper looks very good. Oh, and a Colin Dexter, too! Yes, I think you’ve got some good reading in store for you.

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    1. The Last Bus to Woodstock has been on my TBR list for years, so it would be really good to read it soon. Inspector Morse is one of my all time favourite TV series. Hope we both enjoy Survivors!


      1. I have watched some of those, but my Mom [84] is HUGE fan so I think I’ll see what I can find for her. She’s recovering from a set-back illness [not COVID] so needs to stay quiet and rest. I hope we both enjoy Jane Harper’s new one too!


    1. I enjoy making the lists – even if I don’t manage to read all the books too. There are just so many books I want to read! I hope we both enjoy Survivors and The Postscript Murders too!


  3. The Survivors – can’t wait! And The Postscript Murders – also can’t wait! Guess I’ll have to though…enjoy these, Margaret!


  4. I’ve just finished V2 and loved it, so I hope you do too. I also started to read The Mirror and the Light earlier in the year, right at the beginning of lockdown, and couldn’t concentrate – I’m hoping to have another attempt soon!

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    1. I’m so glad you loved V2! Yes, it was difficult to concentrate on reading anything that needed a lot of attention to detail at the start of lockdown – I couldn’t cope with the detail in the The Mirror and the Light then.


  5. Great variety of books for the autumn. ‘The Mirror and the Light’ is on my list. Loved the other two books in the series. Love Jane Harper, must get her latest.

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  6. That is a great list, somehow I think we’ll be doing a lot of reading over the winter. I loved The Mirror and the Light, I’ll definitely be reading the Elly Griffiths at some point and I must catch up with Rebus, I’m so far behind now and I don’t know how that happened.

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