20 Books of Summer

For the past few years I’ve taken part in 20 Books of Summer, hosted by Cathy at 746 Books. You simply list twenty books (there are also ten and fifteen book options) and read them during the summer months. It’s not so simple for me though as I’ve never managed to read all the books I list, often changing my mind when it comes to choosing which book to read next. But I’ve decided to have a go again this year.

This event starts today and finishes on 1 September. Here’s my list:

  1. The Deep by Alma Katsu
  2. The Paris Library by Janet Skeslian Charles
  3. The Search Party by Simon Lelic
  4. A Thousand Moons by Sebastian Barry
  5. How to Disappear by Gillian McAllister
  6. Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz
  7. Mortmain Hall by Martin Edwards
  8. How to Save a Life by S D Robertson
  9. The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter
  10. The Mist by Ragnar Jonasson
  11. The Butcher’s Hook by Janet Ellis
  12. Deadman’s Footsteps by Peter James
  13. Sleeping Beauties by Jo Spain
  14. The Silence Between Breaths by Cath Staincliffe
  15. The Case of the Gilded Fly by Edmund Crispin
  16. Giant’s Bread by Agatha Christie
  17. Maigret’s Holiday by Georges Simenon
  18. The Ghost of the Mary Celeste by Valerie Martin
  19. The Cornish Guest House by Emma Burstall
  20. Dead Heads by Reginald Hill

This list is made up of NetGalley books, some of which I should have read well before now and of books from my TBR list – also ones I’ve been meaning to read for ages. There’s a lot of crime fiction!

Some are Kindle books and some – shown in the photo below are physical books:

Fortunately Cathy is is willing to bend the rules so that you can change the list if you want to or simply swap books if you don’t fancy reading the books you’ve listed. And you can drop your goal to either the 15 or 10 book options if you like! I think I’ll be doing one of these options!

Which book would you read first? And are you taking part too?

10 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer

  1. I give you a lot of credit for doing this challenge, Margaret. And even if you don’t read all 20 books, it’s a great way to set yourself a reading list. You’ve got some great authors here, too (I’m especially noticing the Hill, the James, the Staincliffe, the Christie, the Edwards and the Crispin). I hope you’ll brief us on what you think of these books as you go along.

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  2. I’m not taking part this year. I read three last year and suddenly felt a terrible aversion to all the other books that were on the list. It didn’t seem to be a very positive experience for me 😉 Hiwever, I wish you luck, Margaret, and I would go for A Thousand Moons first just because I want to see what you make of it.

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  3. What an excellent selection! I’ve read The Case of the Gilded Fly and possibly Maigret’s Holiday (not quite sure). I think if I was going choose from your list I would start with either Moonflower Murders or Mortmain Hall. *Or* The Cornish Guest House. Whatever, good luck and enjoy the challenge.

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  4. I am having another attempt despite failing baddly on reviewing writing last year. But I enjoyed the reading and the choosing so I’m hoping I’ll do better this time. The Thousand Moons would be high in the pecking order for me plus of course The Cornish Guest House. Have fun, Margaret!

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  5. I am reading an Agatha Christie for my 20 Books of Summer as well. The Secret Adversary. I’m enjoying it very much. This is the first Tommy and Tuppence novel and I love how she writes their characters.

    I’m looking forward to a fun summer of reading and wish you that as well.


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