A Lockdown Jigsaw – Bamburgh Castle

I’m still finding hard to settle down to write a book review. So here is a post about something else. As well as word puzzles I also love doing jigsaw puzzles. I don’t normally do one at this time of year but I just fancied doing one during the lockdown. It’s of Bamburgh Castle, a castle on the northeast coast of England, by the village of Bamburgh in Northumberland – one of my favourite castles.

Sorting the pieces:

Bamburgh Castle pieces

I started off doing the outside pieces and then the horizon line right across the middle. Then Heidi decided to look at what I was doing and plonked herself down on it and went to sleep for a little while.

Bamburgh Castle Heidi

And here it is finished:

Bamborough Castle finished

16 thoughts on “A Lockdown Jigsaw – Bamburgh Castle

  1. I’ve been there! Last time I was in the UK (2007) I was desperate to go there after seeing it on a tv show. It was freezing cold and windy, but a lovely memory.
    And Heidi 🙂

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    1. Bamburgh Castle is a great place to visit, so I’m glad you did get to go there. It’s been windy when I’ve visited too – a cold wind off the North Sea, but I’ve been there on sunny days too.

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  2. Bamburgh is one of the places we intend to visit as soon as we are allowed to. We saw it last year from Lindisfarne, it looks fabulous. The jigsaw looks like it would have been quite difficult though.

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    1. It is a fabulous castle! Some of the jigsaw was easy – the castle. But the sky (as I usually find) was difficult and took me quite a few sessions to do.


  3. I see you have some help! The Bears and I like doing jigsaws on the iPad. I can’t bend over to do them on the table any longer because of damage to my back. We dedicate the last hour in the evening to the practice, along with listening to an audiobook. Very relaxing.

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  4. I’ve done some puzzles on the iPad too! I can’t use a table as it hurts my back, but I find doing it on the floor isn’t too bad, but unless I’m very careful it’s agony on my wrists if I lean on my hands too long. Short sessions are best – and I find them completely absorbing!


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