WWW Wednesday: 15 May 2019


WWW Wednesday is run by Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently reading: Two books,  D H Lawrence: the Life of an Outsider by John Worthen and Before the Fall by Noah Hawley.

Lawrence Worthen001

I’ve made some progress with D H Lawrence: the Life of an Outsider. His mother Lydia is seriously ill with cancer and Lawrence has started to write a novel to include her girlhood, and her marriage moving on to his own upbringing. By October 1910 he was calling the book ‘Paul Morel‘ – which later became ‘Sons and Lovers.’ It will take me several weeks (at least) before I finish the book as I’m reading short sections each day.

Before the Fall won the 2017 Edgar Award for Best Novel.

Before the Fall



A private jet plunges into the sea.

The only survivors are down-on his luck artist Scott Burroughs and JJ Bateman, the four year old son of a super-rich TV executive.

For saving the boy, Scott is suddenly a hero.

And then, as the official investigation is rapidly overtaken by a media frenzy, it seems he may also be a villain.

Why was he on the plane in the first place, and why did it crash?

I’ve read 72% of this book so far. It begins well, but then it becomes rather disjointed, as it relates each character’s back story in some detail. So any suspense that the opening had built up is fading as I read about each person’s life story up to the time they entered the plane. But with nearly a quarter of the book left to read I’m hoping the tension will rise.

Recently finished:

Mrs Whistler

Mrs Whistler by Matthew Pamplin, a novel is based on the life of the artist, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, and his muse Maud Franklin, covering the years from 1876 to 1880. I loved this book and am in the middle of writing a post about it  – I may finish it today, or tomorrow …

My next book could be:

It could be Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings, the basis for the BAFTA-winning Killing Eve TV series. I’ve had this book for a while – after I watched Killing Eve, which I loved, and it seems a good time to read it now. The second series began on 7th April 2019 on BBC America and all I know so far is that it will be shown here in the UK – soon!

Codename Villanelle

She is the perfect assassin.

A Russian orphan, saved from the death penalty for the brutal revenge she took on her gangster father’s killers.

Ruthlessly trained. Given a new life. New names, new faces – whichever fits.

Her paymasters call themselves The Twelve. But she knows nothing of them. Konstantin is the man who saved her, and the one she answers to.

She is Villanelle. Without conscience. Without guilt. Without weakness.

Eve Polastri is the woman who hunts her. MI5, until one error of judgment costs her everything.

Then stopping a ruthless assassin becomes more than her job. It becomes personal.

Originally published as ebook singles: Codename Villanelle, Hollowpoint, Shanghai and Odessa.

Have you read any of these books?  Do any of them tempt you? 

18 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 15 May 2019

    1. I finished Before the Fall this morning – it didn’t pick up much in the final section – it was disappointing. I hope you enjoy Mrs Whistler.


    1. I’d have abandoned it too but it’s my book group’s choice for the end of May, so I felt I had to finish it if I’m going to talk about it at all. The last quarter did pick up a little at 87% but soon flagged and the reason the plane crashed was obvious before the big reveal.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Mrs. Whistler as much as you did, Margaret. I keep hearing great things about it, and had been thinking of reading it. I’ll be interested to know whether Before the Fall picks up for you, and what you think of it all when you’re finished.

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  2. I’ll be curious to hear your final assessment of BEFORE THE FALL. I’ve read it and liked it – listened to it on audio. Discussed it with the mystery group. It was liked by most.

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    1. That’s interesting Kay. It’s my book group choice for the end of May, so I’m wondering what the others will say about it.


  3. Following your previous comments about Mrs Whistler I have that on order from the library. There are a number of novels centred around artists on the shelves at the moment. I’m thinking of putting three together as a Summer School choice next year.

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  4. Before The Fall sounds really interesting! Shame that it didn’t hold the suspense, though. I tend to get frustrated when books try to tie in too many stories and jump between so many characters.

    Codename Villanelle sounds really interesting. Enjoy!

    Here’s my WWW post.

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