Dear Mrs Bird by A J Pearce

Picador|5 April 2018 |288 pages|Kindle edition |Review copy|3*

I wasn’t sure I would like Dear Mrs Bird by A J Pearce because, although it’s historical fiction and one of my favourite genres, it has received so much hype that made me wonder if it was over-hyped and whether I’d find it a bit of a disappointment. 

4 thoughts on “Dear Mrs Bird by A J Pearce

  1. This one sounds like an interesting mix of light chattiness and realistic portrayals of a country at war, Margaret. I know what you mean about Capitals for Emphasis; that annoys me, to, if I’m being honest. But it does sound like an enjoyable read. And it’s nice that the pace and style allow it to move quickly.


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed this one in the end, Margaret. I think I would enjoy it very much, even with those pesky Capital Letters!


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