First Chapter First Paragraph: The Ghost by Robert Harris

Every Tuesday First Chapter, First Paragraph/Intros is hosted by Vicky of I’d Rather Be at the Beach sharing the first paragraph or two of a book she’s reading or plans to read soon.

I’m currently reading The Ghost by Robert Harris, about a ghostwriter, not a tale of the supernatural.

The Ghost


The moment I heard how McAra died I should have walked away. I can see that now. I should have said, ‘Rick, I’m sorry, this isn’t for me, I don’t like the sound of it,’ finished my drink and left. But he was such a good storyteller, Rick – I often thought he should have been the writer and I the literary agent – that once he’s started talking there was never any question I wouldn’t listen, and by the time he had finished, I was hooked.


Britain’s former prime minister is holed up in a remote, ocean-front house in America, struggling to finish his memoirs, when his long-term assistant drowns. A professional ghostwriter is sent out to rescue the project – a man more used to working with fading rock stars and minor celebrities than ex-world leaders. The ghost soon discovers that his distinguished new client has secrets in his past that are returning to haunt him – secrets with the power to kill.

What do you think? Would you keep reading?

13 thoughts on “First Chapter First Paragraph: The Ghost by Robert Harris

  1. I’d keep reading because I had this recommended to me several years ago by a friend and I never have got around to it. I’ll be very interested to hear what you think.


  2. Oh, this is intriguing, Margaret. I’d heard good things about it, but not gotten to it. I really hope you’ll enjoy it, and I look forward to your thoughts on it.


  3. I always like a noel when the main character is a writer. Glad there are no real ghosts in it. I hope you enjoy it.


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