The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse

Pan Macmillan, Mantle|3 May 2018 |603 pages|e-book |Review copy|4*

7 thoughts on “The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse

  1. It sounds like a fascinating story, Margaret. I also like that it seems authentic. And I’m not surprised with a sweeping book like this that there are a lot of characters to keep in mind. I’m glad you felt drawn into it.

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    1. I wondered if you’d like it as I know you like books set in France. I’d suggest you see if the library has a copy first – it’s a long book!


  2. Kate Mosse is one of the authors I always seem to come close to reading and then never do. I must try something of hers, though I’m not sure this would be the best one to start with. Do you have any recommendations, Margaret?

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    1. Sandra, this is only the third book of hers I’ve read. The first one was Labyrinth, which I read before I began my blog and I only noted that I thought it was OK, but too long. It’s a time-slip book – I used to enjoy those, probably more than I do now.

      The next one I read was The Taxidermist’s Daughter, which I read last year – you can see my post here I gave it 3 stars – I liked it but not all the grisly details about taxidermy and I thought it dragged in the middle.

      As I said to Cathy, have a look at one in the library or a bookshop first to see what you think.


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