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Half the year has gone now and I think it’s a good time to see where I’m up to with the reading challenges I’m doing. At the end of last year I decided I would reduce the number of challenges I take part in, but, somehow I got drawn into doing lots again – too many really to keep track of them all! Hence, this post.

My aim is to read whatever takes my fancy and if the books fit into any of the challenges that’s good. If they don’t that’s also good.

Reading Challenges progress up to 30 June :

First an open-ended challenge:

The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge ‘“ 3 books. So far I have read 65.

Short-term challenges:

Once Upon a Time IX Challenge ‘“ This challenge ended on 21 June. I met my target of reading 1 book for the first stage – The Journey – and made a start on the second stage by reading 1 more book.

10 Books  of Summer – this runs from the 1st June 2015 to the 4th September 2015. So far I’ve read 3 and reviewed 1 of them.

Year-long challenges:

Mount TBR Reading Challenge ‘“ I’ve read17 of my own unread books. My target is 48.

TBR Pile Challenge – this is a list of 14 books I identified in advance as books to be read. It’s a sort of sub-challenge to the Mount TBR Challenge as these books all qualify for that challenge too.  I’m a bit doubtful that I’ll complete this challenge because I often find that planning in advance what I’m going to read doesn’t work for me ‘“ I seem to find reasons for reading other books instead of the ones on my list! So far I’ve 3 books out of the required 12 ( an additional 2 books are on the list as alternatives).

Read Scotland Challenge ‘“ 5 books. Challenge completed as I have reached my target of 4.

What’s in a Name 2015 ‘“ I’ve completed 4 of the 6 sections.

Historical Fiction Challenge ‘“ 9 books. My target is 25 books.

Colour Coded Challenge ‘“ 2 books. The target is to read 9 books in the different colour categories.

Non-Fiction Reading Challenge 2015 ‘“  I’m aiming at reading at least 12 books this year and so far I’ve read 7 ‘“ with two books currently on the go, which I should finish soon.

Victorian Bingo Reading Challenge 2015 – I’m not doing at all well with this challenge – 2 books read to fit into the bingo card. I can’t see myself completing this challenge.

5 thoughts on “Reading Challenges

  1. I seem to find reasons for reading other books instead of the ones on my list!

    Exactly! Why do we do this I wonder? It cheers me though to know that I’m not the only one who does it…


    1. Well, rats… that first sentence should have been in italics for a quote but the html didn’t work for some reason.


  2. I think you’ve made quite a dent in the list. congratulations, I’m only doing the What’s in a Name and very slowly Agatha Christie, (I’m sort of still in acquisition mode, with Ms. Christie)


  3. That’s quite a lot of challenges, Margaret! And you’re making good progress, too. I’m impressed. I really ought to do a better job with my own TBR *sigh.*


  4. Wow, that is a lot of challenges! Well done though you have made progress in all of them. I also took part in Once Upon a Time IX Challenge. I read 6 books which I think is my best year ever 🙂 I am also taking part in 10 Books of Summer but have only read 1 book and started another so far. Good luck with your challenges for the rest of the year 🙂


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