Anthony Trollope: Bicentenary

Today it is the bicentenary of Anthony Trollope’s birth on April 24th 1815. The Trollope Society is a great source of information about Trollope and his books and there are many events scheduled to celebrate his life and work.

I’ve read the first two books in his Chronicles of  Barchester series, which I enjoyed, so it’s time I got on with reading the next one, which is Doctor Thorne.

Writing about Doctor Thorne in his Autobiography, Trollope wrote that he believed it was the most popular book he had written, taking the sales as proof of comparative popularity. He, himself, thought it wasn’t good, although he said that it has a good plot, which to his own feeling ‘is the most insignificant part of a tale‘. He was surprised by the success of Doctor Thorne! I’m wondering what I will think …

6 thoughts on “Anthony Trollope: Bicentenary

  1. I loved Doctor Thorne and hope you do too. I’m working slowly through the Palliser series now and have just finished reading The Eustace Diamonds to celebrate the bicentenary.


  2. I really liked Dr. Thorne–I wonder why Trollope didn’t think it was all that good. I am liking Framley Parsonage as well, though. I wonder what he thought of it. More story threads than in Dr. Thorne, and more politics but the characters still shine through.


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