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I always have several books on loan from my local library. These are my current loans:

Lib bks Jan 15 P1010394It’s no wonder my TBR pile of my own books doesn’t go down very quickly! I didn’t borrow these books all in one go – they are the result of several visits and are due back on different dates!

They are a mix of fiction and non-fiction. At the bottom of the pile are three art books – two by Barrington Barber about painting and drawing,  a comprehensive step-by-step instruction book and Anyone Can Paint about painting in watercolours, acrylics and oils,  The third art book is Cold Breeze, Dark Fire a book of paintings and drawings of North Northumberland by Peter Podmore.  Podmore lives in this area and paints mainly outside using pastels, oils, acrylic and charcoal – such inspiring, beautiful and dramatic paintings.

Next up in the pile is Stephen Fry’s memoir, More Fool Me, his third volume. It begins with a synopsis of his earlier books, which as I haven’t read them is very helpful.

Then up to the fiction beginning with a Catherine Cookson, The Silent Lady. I haven’t read many of her books, but this one appealed to me. It’s her last novel, written when she was very ill, but she was convinced that she had a good story to tell.

The Spice Merchant’s Wife by Charlotte Betts. This is one of those books that I know nothing about or about its author, but took down off the library shelves on an impulse. I like to try new-to-me authors and this is one of my favourite genres – historical fiction set in 1666.

Trouble Brewing by Dolores Gordon-Smith, chosen because it’s crime fiction set in 1925, written in the classic mystery style, according to the back cover.

I’ve enjoyed The Woods by Harlan Coben, so I thought I’d try another one and picked up Tell No One, about a couple visiting a lake that had been part of their lives since they were children – then the wife is kidnapped and killed.

More historical fiction with The Botticelli Secret by Marina Fiorato. I liked her earlier book The Madonna of the Almonds, about the artist Bernadino, a protege of Leonardo da Vinci. This one is about the model of Botticelli’s painting La Primavera.

Margaret Forster is one of my favourite authors, so I thought The Seduction of Mrs Pendlebury could be a safe bet for me. Mrs Pendlebury lives in Islington, has little in common with her neighbours and keeps herself to herself – gradually she comes out of her shell. Nina Bawden quoted on the back cover describes it as a tragi-comedy.

Finally, the book at the top of the pile, The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis, a Marcus Didius Falco novel set in the time of the Emperor Vespasian – historical crime fiction, a combination of two favourite genres. I’m surprised at myself that I’ve never read any of this author’s books, she ‘s written nineteen novels, but at least I’m starting with the first one in this series.

I just need to get reading!

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  1. The first Stephen Fry autobiography, Moab is My Washpot, is well worth a read if you ever see it. I haven’t read the others even though I own the second one.

    I’ve read the first book in the Delores Gordon-Smith (glorious name) series and thought it was not bad at all.

    Glad I’m not the only one who has multiple books from the library and all due back on different dates. LOL!


    1. I’ll look out for that Moab is My Washpot! I’ve got 2 more of Stephen Fry’s that I haven’t read yet – The Liar and Stephen Fry in America – have you read those?


      1. Yes, I’ve read The Liar… I got rather confused by it as it hops around a lot timewise and you’re never sure ‘when’ you are. I own the American book but have not read it, although I did watch the TV series.


  2. I think I’d enjoy the Harlan Coben book. I keep meaning to read his standalone books. I’ve read some of his series that features a sports agent. Oh, I am listening to the first Susan Hill series book, THE VARIOUS HAUNTS OF MEN. I am enjoying it so much. It doesn’t move very fast, but I love all the descriptions. Is Lafferton a real place? Guess I need to do a little research.


  3. I love the Lindsey Davis Falco series – it is funny and a quite accurate reconstruction of Ancient Rome (with modern vocabulary). You’re in for a treat! The Harlan Coben book has also been made into a French film, which is quite good, but a bit different to the book.


  4. Margaret Forster is one of my favorite authors too, and your stack reminds me that I haven’t read anything by her in awhile. I like the sound of The Seduction of Mrs. Pendlebury. Very promising!

    I’ll have to check out Lindsey Davis myself–I like combining genres like that.

    And, The Botticelli Secret sounds perfect.

    Enjoy your stack! May your reading time be plentiful 🙂


  5. David, you never know – now maybe the time to have a go at painting. I was useless at it at school but have been enjoying drawing and painting for a while -not expert by any means but it’s an enjoyable hobby.

    Irene, I’ll see if I can write about the painting/drawing books.

    Marina, thanks for the info – it’s encouraging when other people can recommend books.

    Margot, I’m glad I’m not the only one who adds to the TBRs with library books – and the libraries are there to use!

    Jane, I’ve dipped into The Seduction of Mrs. Pendlebury – it is promising!


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