Bargain of the Day: The Runaways by Elizabeth Goudge


One of today’s deals on Kindle is The Runaways by Elizabeth Goudge – it was first published as Linnets and Valerians in 1964. I read and loved some of her books many years ago, but not this one. Geranium Cat reviewed it earlier this year so when I saw it this morning in the Kindle Daily Deals I bought it – it sounds a delightful story:

Her work has that classic blend of realism and magic, and the story of three runaway children finding their way by accident to their great uncle’s house in Devon and lifting a curse is beautifully told‘ Amanda Craig 

3 thoughts on “Bargain of the Day: The Runaways by Elizabeth Goudge

  1. Margaret – This does sound interesting. Glad you found it on a good deal in the bargain. I’ll look forward to seeing what you think of it.


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