Book Beginning: A Sight for Sore Eyes by Ruth Rendell

The library van came round this week and I borrowed another Ruth Rendell book: A Sight for Sore Eyes, first published in 1998. I don’t really check what the book is about when it’s one by Ruth Rendell, as I usually enjoy her books. This one begins:

They were to hold hands and look at one another. Deeply, into each other’s eyes.

‘It’s not a sitting,’ she said, ‘it’s a standing. Why can’t I sit on his knee?’

He laughed. Everything she said amused him or delighted him, everything about her captivated him from her dark-red curly hair to her small white feet. The painter’s instructions were that he should look at her as if in love and she at him as if enthralled. This was easy, this was to act naturally.

This could be the opening to a love story, but this is a Ruth Rendell book and I’m expecting it to be something darker and more mysterious. Indeed, the information on the back cover warns that this is ‘Masterfully spooky. Don’t read this alone.’

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7 thoughts on “Book Beginning: A Sight for Sore Eyes by Ruth Rendell

  1. I like Ruth Rendell a lot too, so I can see why you’d just go ahead and pick up one of her books without really worry whether you’ll enjoy it. I hope you’ll like this one and I look forward to reading what you thought of it.


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