The TBR Triple Dog Dare

I’ve decided that any challenges I take part in next year have to help me read my own books – books I’ve owned before 1 January 2014.

I read about the TBR Triple Dog Dare on Annabel’s blog. For the past three years, CB at Ready when you are, CB has hosted a TBR Dare, made into a Dog Dare in honour of Dakota, his Bassett Hound.  This year the Triple Dog Dare will be, so he says, the last one.  I’ve not taken part before, but this year it seems just the right thing to do to keep me focused on reading from my own bookshelves. So I’ve signed up for the full three months €“ will you?

Triple Dog DareIt’s very simple. From Jan 1st 2014 until March 31st read only books already in your TBR pile or those you’ve already reserved at the library.

You are allowed to make whatever exceptions you need as long as you set them prior to January 1, so I’m going to except books chosen for my local book group.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to stop acquiring books €“ you just have to resist reading them until after March 31st, but I’m going to try not buying books too.

3 thoughts on “The TBR Triple Dog Dare

  1. Margaret – I love the name of this challenge! And really, I need to do something about my TBR!!!…


  2. You’re doubly brave to try not to buy books too, but that has always been my downfall doing this dare – I build up such a lovely embargo pile that I spend the next three months or more only reading the shiny new books added to my TBR! Good luck.


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