Saturday Snapshots

Last Saturday I posted photos of An Lochan Uaine near the path on our walk through Glenmore Forest Park. Today here are some more photos of our walk  after we left the lochan. The route continued along the Ryvoan Pass on the old Rathad nam Mearlach – or Thieves Road. Cattle raiders used hill tracks like this to move their spoils avoiding the more well-used routes.

As we went gradually up the hill this building came into view:

Bothy1 P1080705

Bothy2P1080706It’s a bothy – see this article explaining what a bothy is. The photo below shows the entrance:

Bothy3P1080709and this is what is inside:

Bothy4P1080710 - Copy

There are some rules:

Bothy rules P1080722It’s a very welcome shelter – especially on a wet, windy day!

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots”

  1. Interesting article and pictures here. Are bothies historic structures? Or are they built in modern times? Sure give travellers a taste of the minimal, just the four walls against the wind.


  2. I would imagine these are popular with the through hikers on some of the long trails … there are huts and shelters along the Appalachian Trail that remind of these shelters – only they aren’t stone shelters. Neat post!


  3. What a great walk! I never heard of a bothy before but what a clever idea. The stonework is pretty and it’s looks very cozy and warm on a chilly day.


  4. Margaret – Oh, these are terrific ‘photos. I love it that you found that little shelter on your walk.


  5. I went and read the description, and though it might be nice to stop in for a few minutes, I sure wouldn’t want to stay there (says me the non-camping girl!).


  6. Thanks for all your comments.

    Arti, I think bothies are all old buildings but I’m not sure of their history – the word dates from the late 16th century, but when they were first used as shelters I don’t know.

    Nan, I know just what you mean – I would have to be desperate to sleep in there, my camping days are over, but it’s a great place to stop and shelter.


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