Saturday Snapshot: Heidi doesn't like the snow

We’ve had snow and more snow, our garden and the surrounding fields are all white, but the main roads are clear, and we haven’t had the snow that’s brought some parts of the UK to a standstill.

This morning the sun is shining, and the snow is sparkling in the sunlight.

Snow P1080401

The paw prints in the snow shows that Heidi has been across it, but she’s not keen. This morning she wanted to go out through the patio door:

Snow Heidi 26 Jan 13

but she didn’t want to get her feet cold and wet:

Snow Heidi (2) 26 Jan 13

So she came in and tried the back door, but that was no better:Snow Heidi (3) 26 Jan 13

She stayed away from the snow and soon came back inside the house.

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16 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Heidi doesn't like the snow

  1. But Heidi has sensitive feet and can’t get them cold, wet, dirty, or marred in any way! Beautiful cat–beautiful snow. Wish we would get some more soon–it’s been dry since Christmas.


  2. I’m with Heidi! I’m a snow hater except when the snow is on the other side of a plate glass window. Lovely to look at – like the snow on your blog’s header. Reminiscent of the snowy scenes in Camelot.


  3. Poor Heidi! Our cat, Muggins, was in initially very reluctant to go outside in the snow, but must have enjoyed it when he plucked up courage, because he disappeared for three days, and sauntered back in today as if he’d never been away! My Snapshot is at


  4. You call that snow:) We ended up with ten inches by Friday evening and this morning every last bit of it has gone. Fortunately, we’re on a hill so the melt has run off but there are areas round here that I’m sure will be under water.


  5. Thanks for your comments. After the sun yesterday – and no more snowfall – the snow is now retreating and there are patches of green and brown showing through and Heidi is now happier to go out, still avoiding the snow where she can.

    Christine, thank goodness Muggins came back home – three days is a long time.
    And Alex, I did say we hadn’t had the amount of snow that other parts had – you had twice as much as us:). Now it is melting – but slowly, although the little stream in our garden is nearly overflowing as the water levels increase! There will be floods(:


  6. Margaret – I really do miss snow, so it was delightful to see your ‘photos. And Heidi’s reaction to it is absolutely priceless! Thanks for sharing.


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