Saturday Snapshot

Heidi’s new bed –

We bought this little bed yesterday and deliberately didn’t attempt to put Heidi in it or even to show it to her because cats are fussy creatures and like to find places to sleep for themselves. So we just left it on the worktop in the utility room, where she likes to sit and this morning this is where I found her. I’m so glad she likes it.

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. I absolutely love cats…. so much so, that a few percentage points more, regarding my affections, would probably constitute a manner of illegality. Thankfully, I do not [yet] exceed decorum on this matter.
    My own puss, Jack — enjoys his regularly changed sheets on his own wicker chair.
    So nice to see your own Heidi, adopting her comfy bliss.
    Vive la never-work life of the common feline domesticus! Where the only chore of life is finding better-and even-better places to sleep!


    1. Jack sounds very comfortable and well looked after. At the moment Heidi is out catching mice – she’s very good at that, too good sometimes – I don’t like her playthings!!


  2. Great bed. She looks really happy. My cats sleep all over the place. They quite like to find nice spot where there is a heating pipe under the carpet.


  3. Margaret – I’m glad Heidi likes the bed so well, and that is a lovely ‘photo of her. She looks soooo comfortable!


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