Book Beginnings: Before the Fact

I went to Barter Books yesterday and came home with several crime fiction books, plus a book on painting with pastels and a book on Northumberland’s coastal castles.

The book I’m writing about today is one of the crime fiction books, that I was quite excited to find, because I’ve never read anything by Francis Iles, the pseudonym of Anthony Berkeley Cox (1893-1970), a journalist and mystery writer from the Golden Age of crime fiction.

The book is his second novel written as Francis Iles, Before the Fact and it is a psychological study of a potential murderer as seen through the eyes of his intended victim. It begins:

Some women give birth to murderers, some go to bed with them, and some marry them. Lina Aygarth had lived with her husband for nearly eight years before she realized that she was married to a murderer.

I’m eager to read on …

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12 thoughts on “Book Beginnings: Before the Fact

  1. Wow, that would be a frightening discovery. I recall there was a man who had a normal family and life except on the side he was a serial killer. His wife didn’t even know and they were married for much longer than 8 years, I think. This sounds like a good read.

    Here’s my Book Beginning.


  2. That is a great, great beginning! I have seen a couple of his books recently, but knew nothing about them. Now I am intrigued.

    Thanks for participating in BBOF!

    (There is a typo in your date — he must have died in 1970. I wasn’t going to mention it, but sometimes I find typos in my posts and I wonder why no one told me!)


  3. That does sound like a really good one. You got a great haul from Barter Books this time. The castles one sounds interesting, I suppose they’ll mainly be ‘smashed’!


  4. Margaret – Oh, now that is an intriguing beginning! And it fits perfectly with the psychological theme of the book. Thanks for sharing.


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