ABC Wednesday: E is for …

… Extra Exercise

After all the excitement of the Olympics and admiring all the energetic activities we’ve been encouraged to take extra exercise.  We’re looking after our son’s dogs this week, who are very eager to take us for a walk. I wish we could run as fast as they can – it’s exhausting!

An ABC Wednesday post.

9 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: E is for …

  1. No wonder you can’t run as fast as they can. They’re such great dogs to have, very loving, but also energetic as you’ve discovered. Guess maybe I should borrow our neighbors’ dog and take him for walks. lol


  2. A friend of mine bought a bull mastiff puppy about six weeks ago. He was about the size of a well fed rabbit and very reluctant to go for a walk. I bumped into them today and already he is as big as her three year old and very definitely taking her for a walk. When he is fully grown he will be two stone heavier than me. I just have to hope he keeps liking me.


  3. Although I have a small dog, he can out walk/run me, so I take him to places he can run free….if the weather is bad, he goes to doggie-daycare!


  4. Beautiful babies, Margaret! We lost both our girls in May (Labrador retrievers). It’s still so lonely at our house. Thanks for giving me my ‘dog fix’ for today!


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