Art Books

I was looking for a book on drawing trees this morning. I knew I had one, but wasn’t sure where it was and had to spend some time searching for it. I should be more organised, but my problem is that each time I look at an art book I never put it back in the same place. So I got them all out (and found the book I wanted today). I hadn’t realised we’d got so many!

These are the ‘How to draw’ books:

and books on watercolour painting:

and just three specifically on pastel:

It’s the art group this afternoon, so I will actually be drawing/painting this afternoon and not, as D said, just reading about it!

4 thoughts on “Art Books

  1. This looks like my late father’s book collection. He was quite an artist, as was his mother. Too bad I didn’t inherit their artistic talents, but my creative pursuits are writing and needlework.


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