Crime Fiction Alphabet 2012 – Letter C

The Crime Fiction Alphabet is run by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise. This week’s letter is the letter C.

C is for Catriona McPherson, who writes the Dandy Gilver Mysteries. She is a Scottish author who was born in South Queensferry, near Edinburgh. Until 2010 she lived in Galloway and now lives in Northern California. Catriona, by the way, is pronounced Kuh-TREE-nuh (just like the hurricane). In addition to her website she has a blog, sitting typing alone in a room, where she writes about being a writer, gardening on her farm in North California, and reading.

Her favourite books include Rebecca, The Water Method Man, The Pursuit of Love, Agent to the Stars, The Bean Trees, Jane Eyre, After These Things, Wolf Hall, The World’s Wife, Oryx and Crake, The Handless Maiden,The Testament of Gideon Mack. (copied from her facebook page)

The first Dandy Gilver novel was short-listed for the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger 2005 and the second was long-listed for the Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year Award 2007.There are currently six Dandy Gilver books available with the seventh due out in July:

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1. After the Armistice Ball (2005)
2. The Burry Man’s Day (2006)
3. Bury Her Deep (2007)
4. The Winter Ground (2008)
5. The Proper Treatment of Bloodstains (2009)
6. Unsuitable Day for a Murder (2010)
7. Bothersome Number of Corpses (2012)
After the Armistice BallThe Burry Man's DayBury Her DeepThe Winter Ground
The Proper Treatment of BloodstainsUnsuitable Day for a MurderBothersome Number of Corpses

My favourite of the series is The Burry Man’s Day.

She has also written a non-fiction book: Existence and Truth in Discourse. Catriona has an MA in Language and Linguistics and a PhD in Semantics.

and two books, writing as Catriona McCloud:

Growing Up Again (2007)
Straight Up (2008)

3 thoughts on “Crime Fiction Alphabet 2012 – Letter C

  1. I have not read any of these ones before. They remind me of the Carola Dunn Daisy Dalrymple series which I am enjoying at the moment, and will probably be my D choice next week!

    Will look out for these though in the library.


  2. I admit I bought After The Armistice Ball purely because of the cover, it’s gorgeous and it’s got a Dalmatian on it… and then I really enjoyed the story. Well, there are worse ways of discovering a new series aren’t there?


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