Saturday Snapshot

Heidi asleep

About four weeks ago I posted a photo of our new arrival. Since then she’s settled in well, after a period of hiding on top of wardrobes and anywhere out of sight. We’ve renamed her Heidi, because of that. She knows her name and comes running when we call her.

She’s not really allowed on the furniture, but she’s tired out after a session in the garden hunting for mice and there plenty out there for her. She brought a dead one in this morning. I wish she wouldn’t bring them in, but she’s proud of her catch.

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. Cats certainly have the art of ‘the snuggle’ down pat … particularly snuggling with inanimate objects! Ha!~ She does look snookered out! What a great shot!


  2. She’s very sweet! I’m not sure if how she’s settled on your sofa looks all that comfortable, but if anyone knows how to sleep and rest it’s a cat!


  3. I get such a kick out of the way cats can get into the oddest positions and sleep so contented. Heidi is beautiful, but obviously deadly to mice. Oh well, you won’t have live mice in the house, just the dead ones Heidi proudly presents to you.


  4. Adorable! I don’t think I’d be able to handle the dead mice, well really dead anything, in the house. But it’s so cute she wants to show them off to you πŸ™‚


  5. Dead ones are better than live ones, Margaret! One of my cats brought a live field mouse in, dropped it at my feet and turned away at which point the mouse shot into my daughter’s shoe bag which was on the hall floor!
    Fortunately for the mouse, I managed to tip the bag out of the door without the cat seeing, and it got away!


    1. Liz, since writing this post Heidi has caught more mice and brought them in including a tiny, tiny one that was still alive. It was hiding in a bag of my knitting and I managed to rescue it. I put it in the field at the back of us, but worried that she’d just catch it again. We found the remains of a bird in the house a couple of days ago – just lots of feathers, all the rest had gone! She’s definitely a killer cat.


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